Coffee Shops and Desserts
1027, 1027 Mountain Avenue
Coffee Culture Cafe and Eatery, 555 Navigator Road
Gingerwood Lane, 620 Centennial Street
Whitecap, Main Street and South Railway Avenue
Cafes, Drive-Ins, Family Dining
Charley B's Classic Grill & Ice Cream Parlour, 850 Main Street (open seasonally) 
DJ's Family Restaurant, 999 Highway 14
Ice Burg Drive In, 110 15th Street (open seasonally)
Mulligans, Golf Club Restaurant, 400 15th Street
Twisters Burgers Fries & Malts, 400 Memorial Drive
That Burrito Place, 204 Main Street
King's Deli, 725 Main Street
The Heat Wave, 600 Park Street (open seasonally)
A & W, 920 Main Street
Chicken Chef, corner of Main Street and Mountain Avenue
Country Kitchen, 851 Main Street
Dairy Queen, 785 Main Street
Domino's Pizza, 858 1st Street
McDonalds, 750 Norquay Avenue
Orange Julius, 785 Main Street
Tim Horton's, 880 Main Street and in WalMart
Pizza Hotline, 674 Main Street
Pizza Hut, 155 Cargill Road
Smitty's Restaurant, 777 Norquay Drive, Southland Mall
Subway, 654 Main Street
Ethnic Cuisine
Flavours of Mexico, 370 Main Street (Mexican)
Del Rios, 644 Main Street (Mennonite,Mexican and Canadian)
Mei Mei's Restaurant, 235 Main Street (Chinese and Braziilan)
Ralph's, 802 Main Street (German)
Szutu's, 268 1st Street (Chinese)
Toppers Family Restaurant (Mexican, Canadian)
Triangle Oasis, 880 Centennial Street (Mennonite, Canadian)
Dominos, 858 1st Street
DJ's Family Restaurant, Highway 14
Pizza Hotline, 674 Main Street
Pizza Hut, 155 Cargill Road
Winkler Pizza, 573 Main Street