Starting a Business
Why Winkler is a Great Choice for Your New Business
With excellent access to global markets and business service providers, Winkler is host to a diverse range of manufacturers who ship products throughout Canada and export to countries around the world. This makes Winkler the ideal City to open your new business.
For more information on what you need to do to open a new business, see the Guide to Starting a Business in Manitoba
Heartland Community Futures
Community Futures Heartland provides a variety of business and community development services to the region such as business planning assistance, repayable loans, support for community development initiatives, project support and training opportunities.
Community Futures Heartland is a not-for-profit corporation run by a volunteer board of directors.
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Opening a New Commercial Business
If you are a new business operating in a commercial building in the City of Winkler, please print and complete the new business registration form below.
New Business Registration Form