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The City of Winkler is a thriving Community located an hour and half south west of Winnipeg and 20 minutes north of the American Border. With a population of 14,311 in 2016, Winkler is the Industrial hub of Southern Manitoba. 

An excellent resource for statistical information on Winkler is Winkler's Vital Signs put together by the Winkler Community Foundation.

The Winkler Airport (Lat. N 49º 10’ 05” W Long. 97º 55’ 7”) in the City’s Industrial Park has two runways. Runway 08, 26 is a 2,900 ft. paved runway while runway 17, 35 is a grass strip. For aircraft requiring a longer runway, the Morden Airport (N 49º 12’ 37” W 98º 03’33”) located approximately 9 km from Winkler in the R.M. of Stanley has a 3, 975 ft. asphalt runway (28,10).

AV gas/Jet A fuel is available. For fueling information please contact Arties Air at 204-325-7206.

The City of Winkler owns and operates the City of Winkler Water Treatment Plant which includes greensand filtration and reverse osmosis (RO) treatment. About 65-70% of the water for the City is drawn from the Winkler Aquifer through a system of 10 wells. The City currently withdraws from the aquifer 47% fresh and 53% brackish water. The Winkler Aquifer is located northwest of Winkler starting near the Shannon Creek primary recharge area and runs in a southeasterly direction toward Rhineland.

Tours and/or classroom presentations of the City of Winkler Water Treatment Plant are available for groups or individuals free of charge as time permits.

For information on tours, presentations, the Winkler Aquifer, treatment and conservation is available by contacting the City of Winkler Water Treatment Plant. or call 204 325-8711.

The City of Winkler Services Public Water System Annual Report is available on this website, or you can click here to view it.

Connections to Winnipeg are via PTH 14 and 3, PR 428, PTH 23 and 75 or PTH 14 and 75.

PTH 32 is a direct route to the Winkler Port of Entry on the U.S.-Canada Border.