Water Conservation Plan

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In continued efforts to conserve water, we are asking those that build backyard rinks to use rink liners.  
There are several benefits to using a rink liner such as: 
  • Easier set up
  • A longer season
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Water saving = cost savings
  • Better ice quality
Thank you for your all your hard work and creative ideas you continue to implement to help conserve water!


The Pembina Valley Water Cooperative (PVWC) may also implement mandatory consumption reductions from all municipalities serviced by their treatment plants, if they are unable to meet current demands.  At times PVWC has requested assistance from the City of Winkler to supply the Boundary Trails Hospital. In order to achieve this, the City of Winkler may adjust the severity level of the conservation plan.  

Restrictions are implemented to manage local and regional treatment capacity issues to avoid reducing water storage reserves to the point where water systems may depressurize resulting in City-wide boil water advisories. 

Please click image for a printable version 

Please don’t waste water!

  Use a commercial car wash

  Do not use a hose without a shut-off nozzle

Use a rain barrel 

Keep a cover on your pool

More water conservation tips can be found HERE.

The City of Winkler gets approximately 65% of its water from the Winkler Aquifer which is treated at the Winkler Water Treatment Plant, and 35% from Pembina Valley Water Cooperative which is treated in Letellier, Morris and Stephenfield.

Typically, the City of Winkler is able to receive water reliably from the Pembina Valley Water Cooperative (PVWC) to help meet the extended high water demands over a summer. 

However, with a number of dry years in a row, PVWC provides water to other municipalities where dugouts and reservoirs have not been able to be replenished from spring run-off.

Additionally, the City is in the early phases of planning a water treatment plant expansion to increase production capacity in the next 3-5 years.

  • On average the City of Winkler used 213 L/person/day
    1. The average household used 139L/person/day ~ 65%
    2. All other used account for 74L/person/day ~ 35%
  • On average the City uses approximately 50% more water in the summer than in the winter
    1. In Summer (June-Aug), the average use in Winkler increases by 1.3 times the average
      • Example: the average use goes up to 213L/person/day x 1.3 = 277 L/person/day
    2. In Winter (Dec-Feb), the average use in Winkler decreases to 0.85 times the average
      • Example: the average use goes down to 213L/person/day x 0.85 = 181 L/person/day

Based on water meter data, (above) this increase in use is largely due to use at residential properties related to outdoor uses such as pool filling, yard watering, vehicle/equipment wash down, etc.

If we do not conserve enough water, the City of Winkler and Region may run out of water to supply and depressurize the water system resulting in a City-Wide Boil Water Advisory.

Winkler also acts as a water supply backup to PVWC for the Boundary Trails Hospital. If Winkler & PVWC are not able to conserve enough water, the hospital would also be put into a boil water advisory if alternate potable water supplies are not available.

You can access the "Use Water Wisely" information HERE.

You can also search for #savewaterwinkler on social media to see what others are doing to conserve water in our city.